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Artificial Grass

ATM & SON has been installing Artificial Grass all over the North East for over 5 years where we have specialised installers
for each custom job.

A lot of people choose artificial grass because it is green all year round and has a low maintenance cost. It also has a no watering cost which is ideal when water is scarce. Artificial Grass is also better for the environment as there is no need for pesticides and mowing.

We get a lot of people asking us if Artificial Grass is friendly for Dogs, which we can assure you it is.

Unfortunately Artificial Grass cannot be installed on-top of existing lawn, therefore we will need to dig-up your lawn to replace it with your new all-year round green Artificial Grass.

26ml and 30ml pile heights are two of the most popular types of artificial grass which customers go for.

Projects We Have Delivered

30ml Artificial Grass

Back Garden Artificial Grass 30ml

This garden is installed with a thicker 30ml pile height grass.

26ml Artificial Grass

26ml Artificial Grass

Two front garden lawns installed with 26ml pile height grass.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Nursery Artificial Grass

Primary school play area in Washington installed with 26ml pile height grass.

Artificial Grass Services

Removal of existing lawn

Artificial Grass supply and installation

26ml Pile Height Grass

30ml Pile Height Grass

After care - we can re-brush your grass as often as you like

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